Target Customers:

Company with or want to set up a brand + sales channel, but without production capability 




Case Introduction:

The customer is a clothing brand, they have their own stores both online and offline, they are interested in the heated clothing and decided to start from a heated vest after careful investigation and analysis, while they had no experience in the development of heated clothing, nor did they have factory for production, so they wanted to find a supplier who’s able to develop and produce for them, after visit our company for meeting and on-site inspection, base on our rich experience in product development and quality control system plus related certification system, they chose to cooperate with us, we designed a heated vest as per their request, and made revision on the vest design/ material/ heating scheme for several times till they approved the final design version and first article, then we made pilot run for them to do further test, and finished mass production in time.

Customer Review:

We have stores online and offline for our traditional clothing, we are interested in heated clothing, after careful market research, we decide to start from a heated vest, so we began to source factory who can help us to do the product development and production, we talked to several suppliers and visited some of them, finally, we decided to choose Eleheat as our supplier, they have rich experience in development of heated clothing, and their quality control system is nice, especially they have full certification such as ISO9001:2015, GSV for security, ICTI for employee care. They made revisions on the style design, fabric, heating scheme for several times till we approved the final product design and first article, then they made pilot run for us to do further test and apply for certificate in our local market, till make delivery for mass production. They show us their profession, patience during our cooperation, they are our reliable partner.