Reporter reveals ‘secret’ on-air solution to work problem leaving viewers stunned

A Channel 10 reporter has left viewers gobsmacked after revealing the hidden detail in her live cross that no one noticed.


An Australian TV reporter has revealed the “secret” way she tackles a huge work problem. Channel 10 journalist Kristina Costalos shared a video on TikTok discussing the challenges of working outside in winter. Like most of us, she said she doesn’t do well in the cold, but it’s a task she has to face when filming during the chilly season. However, she has a nifty way of beating her work issue – and it has left viewers impressed. “It may be 7C out here tonight as we’re doing the live cross,” she says in the short clip. “But I’m able to keep warm with a heated vest.” Then she pulls back her professional coat in the video – titled “My Secret, How I keep warm while reporting during winter” – to reveal the hidden undergarment.


While wearing a vest to stay warm is not a new trick, this one uses a rechargeable battery to heat its wearer.

“This is the best investment ever,” Kristina finished, turning the camera onto a member of her crew who was decked out in a balaclava and a thick coat.

Viewers have been left amazed by the revelation, stating they had always wondered how reporter’s manage in winter.

“OMG, I have always wondered how you cope,” one said.

“This is so cool,” another said.

“That would be so cosy and comfy,” someone else added.

Kristina explained no one ever notices she has the clever garment, on “because it doesn’t have sleeves” meaning it doesn’t make her arms bulky and give her “secret” away.

“See I thought of everything,” she wrote.


Many were so impressed by the clever item, they declared they were heading to buy one, stating it would be useful in a number of different situations.

“Watched this a few times and it made my wife come over to see if it was real. Needless to say we’re buying one,” one commented.

While a few farmers said it was an item they used to help combat those crisp mornings too. 


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Post time: Aug-10-2020