Covers the marketing of various businesses, including the promotion and sales of air-conditioning clothing, electric heating modules, heating clothing, power system clothing and other products, and provides brand agency, unit customization and OEM/ODM cooperation services.


Southern Sparkle Wearable Technology Co., Ltd was joint founded in 2015 by an intelligent team of years of experience in clothing R&D and the core team of South Star Electronics(founded in 2006)—One of the most famous high-tech enterprises in Guangdong. We are an innovative company which committed to providing one-stop solutions for smart clothing for domestic and foreign clothing brands. we specialize in the research, development, production and sales of smart clothing based smart wear products. Our main products include heated clothing, air-conditioned clothing, healthy care products, smart parts, etc. We also have our own Smart Clothing Brand—ELEHEAT.


Case Introduction:

The Customer is a company who specialized in development and sales of safety products, they have their own R&D team, and sales channel, they decided to add an air-conditioned jacket into their product series, they’ve had preliminary product design, except good product quality and on time delivery, they also ask for nice after-sales service and employee care, so they chose us as their supplier for this project. During the cooperation, we also offered them many great advices on improving the product design and cost control, most of the suggestions were finally accepted. Although some minor problems occurred in the process of cooperation, but we all well communicated and solved them in time. So far, We’ve cooperated with each other for more than 5years, and we now get more projects from them.

Customer Review:

We are confident that the air-conditioned jacket will become popular in our market, we need a partner, who has to be professional in project management and have great after-sales service, also related certification for quality management system and employee care, as we are concerned with the health, safety and wellbeing of the factory staff. During our cooperation, They were very considerate to give us many good advices for us to improve the product design as well as cut down the product cost, when we have any questions, they will response quickly, sometimes we found tiny problems with the products, they will solve the problem actively. Our communication went smooth, so we cooperated in more projects. The cooperation brings great profit to out both sides, Now we’ve cooperated with each other for more than 5years, Eleheat is not only our honest business partner, but also great friend.