About Us

Southern Sparkle Wearable Technology Co., Ltd was founded in 2014 by an intelligent team of years of experience in clothing R&D and the core team of South Star Electronics—One of the most famous high-tech enterprises in Guangdong. We are an innovative company which committed to providing one-stop solutions for smart clothing for domestic and foreign clothing brands. And we are specialized in the research, development, production and sales of smart clothing based smart wear products. Our main products include Heated Clothing, Air Conditioned Clothing, Healthy Care Products, Smart Parts, etc. We also have our own Smart Clothing Brand--ELEHEAT.

Dongguan Southstar Electronics Limited:The parent company of  Southern Sparkle Wearable Technology Co., Ltd. was established on September, 2006. It is a national Hi-tech enterprise oriented in development, manufacture and sales of electronic information, wireless communication and photoelectric information products.


R&D Capability: nearly 100-engineers team, mainly focus on independent R&D, supplemented by production, learning and research. Bachelor degree or above is more than 70%. The R&D team is mainly consists of 6 parts: fashion design, structure, electronics, software, testing, and project management. It mainly cover fashion design, electronic communications, radio technology, computers, software engineering, mechanical design, mold design, optics, etc. And it equipped with professional product development facilities.

Production Capability: 

For the whole group, we have 100,000 square meters of production workshop, over 5000 staff; 10,000 square meters of production workshop for plastic injection; 4000 square meters of workshop for moulding.

For the company, 3000 square meters of workshop for clothing , over 120 staff; 800 square meters of heating pad workshop, over 60 staff; 600 square meters of clothing sample workshop , over 20 staff;500 square meters of dust-free SMT workshop.

Monthly production capacity: 60,000-100,000pcs/month for heated clothing/ air-conditioned clothing and other products in total.

Production lead time: about 45-120days.


Quality Control: We acquired ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System Certification ( Upgraded to ISO9001:2015 in 2018). All procedures including R&D, production, sales, and quality control are strictly in accordance with the ISO 9001:2015 quality management system, Products quality are controllable and reliable.

Employee Care: We have conformed to the ICTI code business practice and obtained the Class A certification. Our business is conforming to the legal, safety and healthy strictly, also with below principles: no child labor, no forced labor, no prison labor, no gender limitation, no race limitation, no religion limitation, no society limitation, and care all the environmental regulations. 

In the future, we’ll continue to pay attention to the development of intelligent apparel industry and user needs, provide more personalized smart wearable solutions for our customers, and help our customers achieve apparel product upgrades, and create greater value for customers.